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Great things never came from comfort zone!
If we wait until we are ready, we will be waiting for the rest of our life!
There are now over half a million non-Irish people living in Ireland and a large number of them are living in Dublin. David Bell, presenter of New Dubliners show thought it would be interesting to meet some of these people and find out what brought them to Ireland in the first place, and what kind of the good and not so good experiences they have had living here. On Monday, 29th of June I had a pleasure to be one of his guest and talked about my life and career in Dublin since 2007.
David is such a nice guy that thanks to him I couldn't feel any stress before my interview. The atmosphere and energy during a recording was superb and very friendly. It was my first interview at Irish radio station and I enjoyed it. By the end of my chat with David I was talking about the basic of the Silva Method Program. I hope you would be interested to listen my personal story of my private life and work since June 2007 in Dublin, here: http://newdubliners.com/.


Some more photos from my visit and interview at Dublin City FM.
Selfie :)
 Just once we finished...
Thank you David for your invitation and being such a great host. I hope we are going to see you soon. To listen more extraordinary stories of ordinary people you are more than welcome to visit New Dubliners website http://newdubliners.com/.
When was the last time when you took a step from your comfort zone? You know that...you can only become a better version of yourself when you experiencing newness. "...you can only grow if you are willing to feel awkward and uncomfortable when you trying something NEW" - Brian Tracey


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